DynaFont Gothic Family

As a Global leader of Asian font solutions, DynaComware is committed to transcending cultural and national boundaries and promoting text digitization, hoping to convey onto the computer screen the sentiments that are otherwise exclusive to the paper medium. To this end, DynaFont Gothic Family was created to encompass King Gothic, Qing Gothic and UD Gothic families. Each font family has its own characteristics, plus precise details in their differences, each meant for devices of different digital characters, for flexibility and easy readability. DynaFont Gothic Family, a high-quality all-round font solution, is the ultimate release of font design energy that DynaComware has accumulated over the past 30 years.

Design Concept


About King Gothic

King Gothic is specifically designed for digital displays. Every stroke is carefully designed and consideration taken for the refinement in every detail. Clean design with a simple and balanced framework, the counter is adjusted appropriately to present a clear sense of space. Neat Gothic strokes add to the rhythm in modern aesthetics. The combination of structure and flexibility shows the graceful temperament of a premium Gothic font that is perfect, solid, and forever new.

Font Characteristics

DynaFont King Gothic features a good-sized central spacing and well-defined structure plus evenly arranged blank spaces; holding space with gentle, curvy strokes; geometrically symmetric and aesthetically decorative details; supreme legibility and readability. Within a consistent font structure, six types of weight were developed for King Gothic font to support 15 languages across the globe, with applications reaching over 100 countries. Enabling a consistent display for cross-cultural communication, this is an all-round global font family.

Select Language

Application case

Specifications & Parameters

Support languages from a multitude of countries with infinite font applications plus a set of diverse Owen Font supporting ISO MES-2 character sets and other Central Asian and East Asian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Tamil, and Sinhala script.

  • Font format:
    • TrueType
    • OpenType
  • Weight:
    • Ultralight
    • Thin
    • Light
    • Regular
    • Medium
    • Semibold
  • Language supported:
    • Traditional Chinese (Taiwan): Supports Big5-2003 standard.
    • Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong): Supports HKSCS-2016 standard.
    • Simplified Chinese: Supports GB/T 2312/GB 18030 standard, having passed the test by China’s Conformance Test Center for Information Technology Standards (CTCITS).
    • Japanese: Support JIS X 0208 and JIS X 0213:2004 standard.
    • Korean: Supports KS X 1001 and all Hangul Syllables (11,172 words).
    • European standard supports ISO MES-2 and Central Asia and East Asia language packs including Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Tamil, and Sinhala script.

Fonts For Better Communication

Through continuous innovation, DynaFont delivers the beauty of fonts with our unique technology to provide users with more font solutions in the digital world. DynaFont believes that fonts can provide better and warmer communication for the world.



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