DynaFont Gothic Family

As a Global leader of Asian font solutions, DynaComware is committed to transcending cultural and national boundaries and promoting text digitization, hoping to convey onto the computer screen the sentiments that are otherwise exclusive to the paper medium. To this end, DynaFont Gothic Family was created to encompass King Gothic, Qing Gothic and UD Gothic families. Each font family has its own characteristics, plus precise details in their differences, each meant for devices of different digital characters, for flexibility and easy readability. DynaFont Gothic Family, a high-quality all-round font solution, is the ultimate release of font design energy that DynaComware has accumulated over the past 30 years.

Design Concept


About UD Gothic

UD Gothic is designed as a response to the increasingly aging society in the 21st century, extended from the concept of Universal Design, and meant for the general public. UD Gothic is simplistic, majestic and accentuates easy legibility and easy reading for the elderly and those with vision disorders e.g. myopia and amblyopia, and even in a fast-moving environment. A sweet friendly design makes written communication more pleasant and relaxing.

Font Characteristics

DynaFont UD Gothic features a generous spacing in the center, full-bodied strokes and a minimalistic easy-to-identify structure. Added blank spaces in the font effectively enhance the legibility. The font prone to misinterpretation is given a new simplified design to eliminate unnecessary stroke binding for enhanced unique traits of each character to enable easy legibility despite in a fast-moving environment with strong light source or obtrusive obstacles. There are two types of weight for DynaFont UD Gothic with extensive case examples for applications, suitable for the use of headings and marks, e.g. signals, notes of cautions in public places, prescription details, vehicle systems, and panels for medical instruments and electronic household appliances.

Select Language

Application case

Specifications & Parameters

  • Font format:
    • TrueType
    • OpenType
  • Weight:
    • W4
    • W6
  • Language supported:
    • Traditional Chinese: support Big5-2003 standard.
    • Simplified Chinese: support GB/T 2312 standard.
    • Japanese: support JIS X 0208.

Fonts For Better Communication

Through continuous innovation, DynaFont delivers the beauty of fonts with our unique technology to provide users with more font solutions in the digital world. DynaFont believes that fonts can provide better and warmer communication for the world.



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