The Ever-Evolving DynaFont Font Solution

DynaFont has been adopted across Asia and the world, providing classic and original font design for print and digital medium. DynaFont has been the top selling Fonts and Software according to the BCN for 15 consecutive years in Japan.
DynaFont has been widely used in all areas, from personal computers and desktop publishing, digital media such as subtitles in advertising and television, to digital contents on web pages, mobile phones, smartphones, personal computers, even entertainment platforms including computer games and slot machines.
In addition, DynaFont's annual license solution allow access to all sorts of fonts developed by DynaComware. Apart from classical fonts such as Ming and Hei, there are also calligraphy, POP, design fonts, as well as system Chinese and Japanese fonts to choose from. Users can use creative and try different fonts to fully unleash the fun and imagination of font expressions.

Fonts for Embedded Devices and Multi-Language Fonts

With the popularization of mobile devices and cloud-based services, the need for fonts used in different embedded devices and platforms increased. In addition to Chinese and Japanese fonts, DynaComware also provides various European and other Asian fonts for embedded devices and web platforms. Furthermore, DynaComware also collaborate with top manufacturers to test fonts and develop sample machines on new platforms to come up with the best font solutions for embedded devices.
In the information society, DynaComware takes pride in being a company that transcends the barriers of language and nations to provide user-friendly font technology and to have an active role that promotes global dialogue. We believe that creative and expressive fonts can make the world a better place by helping everyone to express themselves.