King Gothic

DynaFont King Gothic features a good-sized central spacing and well-defined structure plus evenly arranged blank spaces; holding space with gentle, curvy strokes; geometrically symmetric and aesthetically decorative details; supreme legibility and readability. Responding to the screen and printing demand, six types of weight were developed for King Gothic within a consistent font structure to support 15 languages across the globe, with applications reaching over 100 countries. Enabling a consistent display for cross-cultural communication, this is an all-round global font family.

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King Gothic

DFKingGothicTC13-Ultralight(華康金剛黑 Std Ultralight) OpenType for Win・Mac

DFKingGothicTC13-Thin(華康金剛黑 Std Thin) OpenType for Win・Mac

DFKingGothicTC13-Light(華康金剛黑 Std Light) OpenType for Win・Mac

DFKingGothicTC13-Regular(華康金剛黑 Std Regular) OpenType for Win・Mac

DFKingGothicTC13-Medium(華康金剛黑 Std Medium) OpenType for Win・Mac

DFKingGothicTC13-Semibold(華康金剛黑 Std Semibold) OpenType for Win・Mac

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