UD Gothic

DynaFont UD Gothic features a generous spacing in the center, full-bodied strokes and a minimalistic easy-to-identify structure. Increasing blank spaces in the font effectively enhance the legibility. The font prone to misinterpretation is given a new simplified design to eliminate unnecessary stroke fusing for enhanced unique traits of each character so as to enable easy legibility despite in a fast-moving environment with strong light sources or obtrusive obstacles. DynaFont UD Gothic is suitable for the use of headings and signs, e.g. signals and short phrases in public places; prescription details; vehicle systems; panels for medical instruments electronic household appliances.

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UD Gothic

DFUDGothicTC13-W4(華康UD黑 Std W4) OpenType for Win・Mac

DFUDGothicTC13-W6(華康UD黑 Std W6) OpenType for Win・Mac

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