DFRareBook-Magnolia TC1 W3(華康古籍木蘭W3) TrueType


USD 150
USD 150

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It is not difficult to make “white” different.
 It is difficult because it needs something else.
 It is sharper, like the expired rouge.
 It is paler, like the calmness in life.
 Lastly, we tailored this different style for it.
DFRareBook-Magnolia comes from the movable Juzgen FangSong type books published by Chunghwa Bookstore in the early 20th century. The font is energetic to present a demure and elegant spirit. The stroking control is like the majestic comportment of a queen. Are your captivated by it? Read more to find our more charming stories about fonts in the font story below!

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* Windows 8.1/ 10/ 11
* Mac OS X 10.12 or later
PC required for the above OS.

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