Single Typeface Products(單套字型產品)

DynaComware offers over 100 Chinese fonts, ranging from basic styles to design. Click to find out more…
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DynaFont Online Store Instructions


DynaFont products and quality Dyna servers are currently available for Online Storeping for members only. If you are not yet a member, we are sorry that you can't purchase our products online. By signing up with DynaComware, you can enjoy our quality services and keep track on your orders and the shipping status at any time. Welcome to“Sign Up”now.

Shopping Process

STEP 1:Selecting products

Visit the“DynaFont Products”to view all products in that category, including the specifications and details of related products.

STEP 2:Checking shopping cart

After determining a product, click“Add to Cart”to add it to your shopping cart. The system will automatically list all selected items in the cart and calculate the amount. After confirming the selected items and the amount, please proceed to the checkout process or continue to shop DynaFont products.

STEP 3:Finishing purchase

After an order is accepted, the system will automatically send an“Order Acceptance Notice”to your email. You can log in to the“Member Site”to check the order data and enquire the purchase record.

After-sales service

Product return/replacement policy
We are sorry that no software product is returnable. Please assess and confirm the products carefully before purchase.

Customer service
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our service and product, please contact our customer service at (852)2866-3560 Monday to Friday from 9:00-18:00, dedicated professionals will be available to answer your questions.