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DF YanKai


DynaFont's YanKai font, with its full brushstrokes, captures the enchanting spirit of the traditional Kai calligraphy style. Within an upright, blocked structure as sturdy as Mt. Tai, the tapering tail of each stroke has an undertone of suppleness. This balance of hard and soft produces a unique sense of stately grace.

【Creative Concept】

Solid Form Is the Heart of Natural Poise

When she finishes dressing, a day of training is about to begin.
Practicing her martial art day after day, she always maintains a focused mind. Every time she trains, she brings herself back to zero, quieting her mind, letting her disorderly thoughts settle, and a sense of uprightness naturally takes over.
For those who practice martial arts, training with dedication and pushing beyond their limits is the highest respect for themselves and their art.


【Screenshot Layout】

It is a font that breathes a stately, upright air.
But this kind of uprightness is not rigid or hard. It is a sense of poise born from an even balance between the two extremes of hard and soft. In our imaginations, it is a woman who is about to start training in a martial art. She has the fortitude of a martial arts practitioner, but she retains a state of feminine grace. She binds her ponytail, and in that instant when she turns her head, we see a flash of resolute self-confidence in her eyes. We feel the stately beauty of DynaFont’s YanKai font.



【Notes from the Frontline】

When we devised the main character, we knew she had to be a woman with a personality that balanced hard and soft. At first, we were concerned that the actress might be too delicate. But to our surprise, as soon as she dyed her hair and eyebrows black, the regal poise of an East Asian woman naturally flowed to the surface. Even though the collar was almost the only part of the costume visible in the picture, we still selected the most authentic set of clothes, to make the visuals as convincing as possible.
During the filming process, the actress’s hair was covering her lips just a little, so the visuals focused on the upper half of her face. She could only act with her eyes. This was the most difficult part of the process. Following the photographer’s directions, she modulated back and forth between “eyes flashing fiercely” and “staring with intensity.” But it was not just her eyes – even her hair was acting. After repeated fine tuning, we finally captured the ideal version. Amidst all that hardness, a uniquely feminine, tenacious allure showed through, vividly portraying the spirit of DynaFont YanKai.


DynaFont YanKai
Type: Calligraphy Font
Thickness: W5/W7/W9
YanKai is disciplined and majestic. Each stroke, each character, brims with vigor. It unravels the secret of the poetic grace of traditional Kai-style calligraphy: When the brush is pulled back at the end of each stroke, it creates a delicate, soft cadence. This is a classically elegant Kai font. Whether you are designing a headline or powerful, orderly decorative text, it always possesses a stylishly aristocratic aura.



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