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Enhance Your Brand Image with Fonts. AG Neovo Cares for the Smallest Details of the Display!


AG Neovo has always focused on high-end displays monitors and is appreciated throughout the industry for its innovation and continuing advancement of the efficacy and function of its products. The success of AG Neovo lies in the fact that all their designs are based on the user environment without sacrificing any function or aesthetics. The products of AG Neovo are widely used in our everyday lives, including the monitors next to tracks of Taipei Metro Songshan And Xinyi line. These products can endure environments with large amounts of dust, proof of the high quality of AG Neovo products. 

AG Neovo monitors are manufactured with their unique NeoV™ protective optical glass and metal frame protection, equipped with Anti Burn-In™ software and AIP image enhancement engine, solving the blurring problem of earlier LCD screens and enabling a more crisp and clear display. Apart from the quality of the products themselves, AG Neovo also insists on the design of the built-in OSD (On-Screen Display). ​

Compared to other monitors on the market, because OSDs are partly used for adjusting the setting for monitors and does not affect the quality of the display, many companies do not stress its importance. The menus are mostly composed of large amounts of texts and seen rough but usable. In every display usage, the OSD of AG Neovo focuses on the user and aims to present a clear design that is easy to use and offers straightforward function.


For this reason, AG Neovo joined forces with DynaFont and used the DynaFont Hei fonts for the OSD monitor in its widely popular RX-22 and RX-24 models. Not only does this satisfy the basic need for clarity in appearance, but also accentuates the visual tone and style of the brand through the high-quality fonts that are combined with the OSD orange and grey-toned borders. This design allows the brand image of AG Neovo to leave a deep impression in the minds of users. 

The markets for AG Neovo monitors are mostly in Europe, which naturally means the need for fonts for European languages. DynaFont has embedded fonts in various languages and is able to provide fonts that can be installed for twelve European languages that are installed according to the product’s default format and the actual usage. These installations are then adjusted to achieve the best reading experience while meeting the demands of AG Neovo’s CIS (Corporate Identity System) requirements. In the future, will also be installed in the RX series, HX series, and DR series of the AG Neovo products.

Throughout the recent years, the technology for monitors has become more and more mature. “Product differentiation” has become the key for products to stand out in the market. Apart from emphasizing friendly interactive abilities, monitors are manufactured with state-of-the-art precision, pursuing aesthetic design while the fonts installed on the OSD touch panel is also not to be overlooked. Magnificence is attained through the details!

Company: AG Neovo
Address: 5F.-1, No.3-1, Park St., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Telephone: +886-2-26558080

Used font: DynaFont Hei font