Font format

DynaComware embedded fonts have a variety of languages and support a vast range of needs of different industries, helping you resolve your need for multi-language fonts in exporting equipment from all over the world.

Asian countries

European countries (Latin Set 1)

The basic LATIN, LATIN1 subsidy, supplement of Unicode

European countries (Latin Set 2)

The basic LATIN, LATIN1 subsidy, LATIN expansion AB, supplement of Unicode Cyril / Greece

Latin Set 1 Latin Set 2 Cyril Greece
ISO 8859-1
ISO 8859-2
ISO 8859-3
ISO 8859-4
ISO 8859-5
ISO 8859-7
ISO 8859-9
ISO 8859-10
ISO 8859-15
ISO 8859-16

Layout Engine that supports multi-languages

Arabic ★Recommended for products that are exported to Arab Countries

Arabic (text) are written from right to left, and like European notes, have cursive writing. In addition, characters change throughout the sentence. Arabic Layout Engine is a software that processes the right-to-left arrangement and shift and shapes. At the same time, an auto-detection of English and other non-Arabic characters are also available for it to be arrange from left to right.

Thai ★Recommended for products that are exported to Thailand

Thai symbols are separated into consonants and vowels, there may be vowels surrounding each consonant. Thai Layout Engine can process the display of this combination. Avoiding importing data on all text combination results in the equipment significantly reduces the memory usage.

Vietnamese ★Recommended for products that are exported to Vietnam

Vietnamese that are written with Chinese characters are currently changed to be presented in Roman words, which is Quốc Ngữ. Vietnamese includes six tones while pronunciation, vowels, and tones are expressed through the combination of letters and symbols. Vietnamese Layout Engine can accurately arrange and output these combinations.

Hindi ★Recommended for products that are exported to India

Hindi (Devanagari characters) are written from left to right while each word is strung together with a horizontal line. In addition, there are aid symbols surrounding each vowel. The Hindi Layout Engine can immediately process these markings and arrangements. And optimization through conducting minute adjustment on the size of auxiliary symbols.

Hebrew ★Israel

Hebrew is written from right to left with the vowel symbol (there are no expressions for vowels, therefore pronunciation symbols are used together with vowels to indicate the pronunciation of individual words) and consonant are marked overlapping. Hebrew Layout Engine accurately overlaps the consonants with vowels and instantly displays the text arrangement.

Layout Engine Format

Layout Engine Structure Schematic Diagram

Layout Engine General API Format

CPU Unrestricted
OS Unrestricted
Program Language C Language
Library Size approximately 260KB (suitable for Arabic / Thai / Vietnamese / Hindi / Hebrew)
Working Memory approximately 260KB (suitable for Arabic / Thai / Vietnamese / Hindi / Hebrew)

※ suitable for DigiType font version and Bitmap font version

Font Data format

Arabic Thai Vietnamese Hindi Hebrew
Bitmap 100KB~ 22KB~ 40KB~ 44KB~ 30KB~
DigiType 420KB 67KB 120KB 200KB 70KB~
according to standard Unicode Unicode

※ The data size of Bitmap font varies according to font size

※ Bitmap font format adopts the self-defined format by Dyna

Provided content (suitable for all languages)

Bitmap font version

● Layout Engine Library

● Font Data

● Porting Guide/specification manual

DigiType font version

● DigiTypeAPI Font Library

● Font Data

● DigiTypeAPI manual/Porting Guide

● Sample Program

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