Qing Gothic

As an extension from the modern minimalistic style of King Gothic, DynaFont Qing Gothic features a well-grounded, wide spacing in the center, plus a well laid out majestic structure, to carve out a sturdy font personality. With sleek, minimalistic strokes and smooth, natural curves, the font features demure layering in each stroke, even arrangement of black and blank spaces, hence its great legibility and readability. DynaFont Qing Gothic contains seven weights for effective display and comfortable reading, e.g. headings, image illustration and content. It takes full consideration of the webpage text display during the design process.

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Qing Gothic

DFQingGothicTC13-W1(華康青花黑 Std W1) OpenType for Win・Mac

DFQingGothicTC13-W2(華康青花黑 Std W2) OpenType for Win・Mac

DFQingGothicTC13-W3(華康青花黑 Std W3) OpenType for Win・Mac

DFQingGothicTC13-W4(華康青花黑 Std W4) OpenType for Win・Mac

DFQingGothicTC13-W5(華康青花黑 Std W5) OpenType for Win・Mac

DFQingGothicTC13-W6(華康青花黑 Std W6) OpenType for Win・Mac

DFQingGothicSC14-W7(華康青花黑 Std W7) OpenType for Win・Mac

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